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Having stiff neck? Here are some Yoga tips to help you out

Are you facing neck issues regularly? Do you usually find your neck stiff in the morning? Are you looking for some solution to relax your neck muscles? If yes, then we are drooping some easy yogic exercises that will help to relieve you from neck pain.
03:50 PM Jan 20, 2022 IST | APN Live
having stiff neck  here are some yoga tips to help you out

When we sit in the wrong posture, we face neck issues such as pain in the neck and stiffness. For that, we usually blame the winter season for it. We generally forget to do some yogic exercises that are necessary to maintain our neck stretches while working. We usually sleep in the wrong positions or work because of those long calls. Also, we can get stiffness in our necks due to excessive stress in our bodies. When we have a stiff neck, it is very difficult to move our neck. Also, it leads to pain in the neck, head, shoulders, and arm.


Yoga is a practice that can help you to get rid of neck pain and stiffness. There are a lot of holistic asanas that can help you to relieve stress from your muscles and will relax your body.

Here we are giving you some amazing yogic exercises that will help in relieving your neck stiffness.



Backbends are a type of yogic exercise when you lay down in a cobra structure. For doing this exercise, you should lie down in a prone position. Then, place your palms underneath your shoulder blades. After this, you have to lift your upper body with your palms still touching the ground. Finally, you have to look up in cobra posture. Then, hold it for a few seconds and lower your body to relax.

Joint Movements

Well, if you have pain in your neck regularly, then you should do joint movements such as shoulder circles. It should be done regularly in the morning and evening to relax your neck muscles.


Stretching Exercises

Well, stretching exercise is another yogic exercise that can help you to strengthen the muscles around your neck. Your neck is connected to your upper back due to which this exercise can help to relieve your neck muscles.

Stretches of Neck

If your neck goes stiff, then it is one of the easy yogic practices that you can do to relieve your neck muscles. You can bend your neck to either left or right and hold a few breath before changing the neck position. Regularly do this in the morning and evening to relieve yourself from neck pain.

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