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Uorfi Javed slams Sonali Kulkarni for calling women lazy and unwilling to work, calls her insensitive and entitled

In the viral video, the Marathi actor can be heard saying that men face immense pressure while women pick and choose partners who can provide a lot for them.
05:14 PM Mar 17, 2023 IST | APN Live
uorfi javed slams sonali kulkarni for calling women lazy and unwilling to work  calls her insensitive and entitled

Marathi actor Sonali Kulkarni is receiving flak on social media for her recent take on modern women and calling them lazy, demanding, and greedy. The national award-winning actor made these statements during an interview with Bhupenddra Singh Raathore, a popular YouTuber who runs the channel CoachBSR. The video was uploaded on YouTube on March 2 and the clip went viral.


Uorfi Javed, one of the most popular Instagram stars nowadays, also took to Twitter to call out Sonali for her derogatory remarks about modern women. Javed called her remarks insensitive and claimed that men only want larger dowries while getting married.

She added women are handling their jobs as well as their homes, and there is nothing wrong with wanting a good-earning husband as men have seen women as a child vending machine for centuries.


The fashion influencer also said not all women get the privilege to work and Sonali is too entitled to know that.

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Check out the tweet here:

In the viral video, Sonali Kulkarni can be heard saying that men face immense pressure while women pick and choose partners who can provide a lot for them. She added women are not willing to earn at all and are money-minded when it comes to selecting a husband. She also criticised women for ‘being on the edge’ and ‘aggressive’ in workplaces, as they are not humble and complain to HR for general compliments.

While some Twitter users praised her for talking about gender equality and supporting men with the finances of a household, many condemned her statements. Many women and men said over Twitter that her remarks were belittling to homemakers and their unpaid domestic labour, and make workplace harassment a casual affair.

Other Twitter users also stated that women are treated as an object at matrimonial sites and she is a privileged upper-class woman to be stating such things.

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