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Sri Lanka: Langur reaches man’s funeral, tries to wake him up, internet cries | WATCH

The localites say that Pitambaram used to feed this langur every day and there was a very close friendship between the two.
12:19 PM Oct 21, 2022 IST | APN Live
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A viral video from Sri Lanka, that is making people cry on the internet, is an example of pure love between humans and animals. A man who always used to offer food and water to a gray langur has died of prolonged illness. After his death, the primate is giving his last farewell to his owner by sitting near his dead body.


When the man passed away, the langur lovingly nudged his dead body. The now viral-video shows the langur trying to wake this person up.

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Watch the viral video here:

The monkey is first seen sitting at the human remains’ feet before moving near the torso and seems to check the breathing. The monkey seems to gently prod the corpse in an effort to catch his attention. Viewers were moved to tears by the poignant footage, which shows the connection between the primate and the person who fed it.

Many people have fallen in love with the video online, and it has also moved them to tears. Pitambaram Rajan was the name of the individual who, following a protracted illness, passed away at the age of 56. He was a citizen of Sri Lanka’s Batticaloa.

The family members of Pithambaram who were present there were shocked as the Langur reached there. The localites say that Pitambaram used to feed this langur every day and there was a very close friendship between the two.

The langur was sitting near Pitambaram Rajan’s body and did not move. He checked whether he was breathing or not. People became emotional after seeing the monkey’s love for him.

The number of langurs is very high in the forests of the southwest. Here langurs eat leaves and live for many days.

A social media user comments, the video is heart melting. Animals feel your presence and absence and sometimes more intense than humans, he adds.

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