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Joshimath land subsidence: Supreme Court tells petitioner to approach Uttarakhand High Court for relief

The petition sought a direction from the National Disaster Management Authority to actively support the residents of Joshimath in this crucial time.
03:59 PM Jan 16, 2023 IST | APN Live
joshimath land subsidence  supreme court tells petitioner to approach uttarakhand high court for relief

The Supreme Court of India has refused to hear Shankaracharya Avimukteshwaranand’s petition on the Joshimath land subsidence case. In the petition, the intervention of Supreme Court was requested to declare the Joshimath crisis as a national disaster. The Supreme Court on Monday (January 16) asked the petitioner to present his case in the Uttarakhand High Court. During the hearing, the Uttarakhand government told the Supreme Court that the Uttarakhand High Court was conducting the hearing.


On this, the Chief Justice said that the High Court is capable of hearing everything stated in the petition. He added that the petitioner should keep his point before the Uttarakhand High Court.

On January 12, the Uttarakhand High Court has passed some orders in this matter. The Supreme Court has allowed the petitioner to approach the Uttarakhand High Court with a petition to declare it a national calamity.


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Argument of the petitioner

The petitioner argued that this crisis was caused by large scale industrialisation and the people of Uttarakhand should be given immediate financial assistance and compensation. The petition also sought a direction from the National Disaster Management Authority to actively support the residents of Joshimath in this challenging time.


What did the Supreme Court say?

The CJI said that the High Court was hearing a tragedy that happened last year. At the same time, the issue of Joshimath also came up. All kinds of demands were placed in it, which are similar to the petition filed with the Supreme Court. The High Court has already sought answers on the constitution of the expert committee. Answer has also been sought from NTPC.

Early hearing at High Court?

The Supreme Court also said that the High Court has also asked the government to stop the construction works in Joshimath for the time being. The relief sought by the petitioner, including rehabilitation, should be kept in the High Court only. The CJI said that he will request the High Court that if the petitioner makes an application there, it should be heard soon.

Land sinking in Joshimath

Significantly, Joshimath is facing a big challenge due to landslides. In Joshimath, the land is slowly sinking down. Huge cracks are appearing in houses, roads and fields. Till now hundreds of families from Joshimath have been shifted to relief camps.

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