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Swadesh Tourism Conclave: Uttarakhand Minister Satpal Maharaj says state to promote caravan culture, unveils new high-end tourism plans

The minister said the state follows a single-window system for projects and the government welcomes all investors to come up with their projects.
05:53 PM Oct 12, 2022 IST | APN Live
swadesh tourism conclave  uttarakhand minister satpal maharaj says state to promote caravan culture  unveils new high end tourism plans

Uttarakhand will promote tourism via caravans or motor homes to supplement adventure and religious tourism in the state, state Tourism Minister Satpal Maharaj said at the Swadesh Tourism Conclave organised by APN News and Balaji Foundation on Tuesday.


Speaking at the conclave, Maharaj said the Tourism Board of Uttarakhand is working on policies to promote hotels on wheels and camping (like recreational vehicles in the US) that will attract tourists and make their experience better.

‘We are working on Caravan Tourism equipped with amenities like electricity, water, and waste disposal and that can be parked at specified locations of Uttarakhand. The state is also trying to start cruise ships at Tehri Lake like in New Zealand and Croatia,’ the minister said.


‘Several films have been shot in Uttarakhand and we want filmmakers to continue filming here. We can provide them with caravans and camping facilities which will not only add revenue to the state but also make their experience convenient and hassle-free,’ Maharaj continued.

Talking about ways to ramp up adventure tourism in the state, Satpal Maharaj said the state is making efforts to attract adventure campers for sports like skiing, bungee jumping, and ropeways to contribute to high-end tourism.


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The minister said the state follows a single-window system for projects and the government welcomes all investors to come up with their projects. Earlier, the much-travelled Maharaj detailed how he had to explain to his bureaucrats the potential of skiing to generate revenue for the state.

Replete with his varied experiences across the globe, the minister assured the gathering that such events and tourism projects can be done in Uttarakhand due to the state’s natural beauty and features.

Satpal Maharaj said while all avenues to include new horizons will be looked into, the state still prides itself on being the abode of the gods and its plethora of medicinal herbs. He recounted the episode from the Ramayana when Lord Hanuman came to the hills of Uttarakhand for the Sanjeevani to revive Laxman who had been injured. The state is a rich repository of several medicinal herbs, he said.

Maharaj also drew attention to the state’s cuisine, including nettle grass, which is rich in natural nutrients. The minister thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his efforts to promote infrastructure in the state including rail lines.

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