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Take advantage of our Diwali offer for up to 10L real cash

09:53 AM Oct 31, 2021 IST | APN Live
take advantage of our diwali offer for up to 10l real cash

In preparation for Diwali, Indian gaming portals and apps, especially those offering real-money games, are gaining momentum as the countdown approaches. They focus on attracting new customers through targeted advertising campaigns, increasing marketing budgets, and using multiple platforms to reach audiences. Since in-game ads convert better than other ads this Diwali, brands are spending more on them. Gambling is prominent in India, after China, due to the intense participation of gambling enthusiasts in various card and casino real cash games. They tend to play high stakes to make more money, leading to the online gambling boom.


Playing online casino games and tournaments is a great way to earn money, but doing the same can create an addiction to the business. There must be a balance between gambling and financial risk. They would have to risk their livelihoods if faced with such a case, which is extremely risky and detrimental to the lives of the people involved.

Regardless of this behavior, people continue to play on different sites and also get scammed into paying lifetime earnings. But some solid sites like Royaljeet offer an excellent gambling experience and a collection of more than 3500 games to the end users. With Royaljeet, you can earn prizes and cash by playing a variety of card games and tournaments at one of India’s fastest-growing online casino sites.


As a part of Royaljeet’s commitment to its users, it offers a range of features and services that make the service stand out from the rest that are:

Extensive collection of card and gambling games


There are a wide variety of games available on this casino site, and every user will find something they like and will not get bored of playing.

Trusted players need to be registered

Royaljeet has attracted more than a million players to a unique gaming environment by providing accessible and safe login facility.

Support 24/7

Users can use these portals to report incidents and submit complaints for the fastest and most effective resolutions to the root cause.

Withdrawal and deposit options are instant

By depositing referrals and withdrawing the prize pool, you can play endlessly on Royaljeet without any lag or interference from unwanted elements.

Playing games online is secure

In order to make the game more realistic and exciting, the games are verified by several reliable tracker apps and undoubtedly provide you with excellent solutions to cover deposits in case of mishaps and unforeseen circumstances.

Be a part of their affiliate program

Royaljeet sometimes offers promos and bonuses. You can also earn money by referring players to our affiliate program. By recruiting more players, you have the opportunity to earn more money, and you will be able to share the profit with them.

It is possible to win huge cash prizes and jackpots at this casino by taking part in tournaments and playing cash games. It’s time for a new Royaljeet. In their publication, Gunshot Magazine rated it as one of the best websites.