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Under Expert Midlaj’s Chairman Rihaan Sayyid, Midlaj Holding Private Limited Drives Allied Companies Towards The Path Of Inclusive Growth

Building a business is knowing how to do something, being proud, is to create something that will make a real difference in other people's lives
02:44 PM Apr 25, 2022 IST | APN Live
under expert midlaj’s chairman rihaan sayyid  midlaj holding private limited drives allied companies towards the path of inclusive growth

‘Building a business is knowing how to do something, being proud, is to create something that will make a real difference in other people’s lives.’ Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group. Often, we come across real-life inspiring stories of great entrepreneurs and businesspersons who dared to believe in their vision and transformed the world with their ingenious ideas. One such visionary is Ace Nepalese industrialist Rihaan Sayyid, who is en route to reinforcing the strong position of the Midlaj Group. Rihaan envisions meeting this goal with Midlaj Holding Private Limited to develop the group into a first-class group of companies.


Thus, in the year 2018, the Seasoned Entrepreneur laid the foundation of Midlaj Holding Private Limited as an Investment Holding Company. The vision was to develop this Holding company to have a centralized control in its various auxiliary associations and brands. Since its launch, the organization has been instrumental in strongly illustrating the scope of improvement to maximize the efficiency of its every subsidiary. The company regularly studies the business sectors to check rising patterns and meet clients’ expectations.

Regulating such leading companies through a holding company has also placed challenges before Rihaan. However, alongside his adept team, he has endured the long haul as they vanquished those difficulties and won the hearts of customers and clients. With time, they have raised the bar as they developed disrupting practices to revamp the existing process to match the pace of our growing world.


Midlaj Holding Private Limited is en route to the mission to drive its subsidiaries towards the way of comprehensive development. One of the most consistent performers of this group is Midlaj Trading Private Limited. Established in the year 2020, the company has built a reputation for its import business. The company offers Amul Dairy Products, an exceptional assistance service that assures to exchange or discount the total amount in the event an item gets damaged or found to be below subpar quality. This has helped them offer products according to industry-set standards.

The visionary Rihaan saw an open opportunity when he came across an auction of a bankrupt plywood factory. After a detailed analysis of the market opportunity and its drivers, he laid the foundation for Midlaj Plywood Industry Private Limited. This unconventional decision turned out to be one of the most successful companies in the group. Today, the company produces different plywood brands like NaturalPly, EconomicPly, RastraPly, and NepalPly. The company has become a family brand for its tough and reliable items.


Under Midlaj Holding Private Limited, there are four more auxiliaries that have seen enormous profits from their operations. The first is Midlaj Estate Private Limited, which leads the Real Estate business in Nepal. The next subsidiary is Midlaj Technologies Private Limited, a transformation social media agency in Nepal known for its ability to make a solid presence on social media. The third subsidiary is Midlaj Capital Private Limited, a reputable Investment organization brand also known as Investinance . The fourth upcoming subsidiary is Midlaj Agriculture Private Limited which is revamping the field of yield and domesticated animals cultivation.

The seeds of entrepreneurship in Rihaan were sown at an early age when he understood the business built by Rahaman, a seasoned industrialist of Nepal. Both Modern and Islamic education assisted him in making a solid starting point for his passion. Hailing from Nepalgunj, this 20-year-old Bachelor’s alumni redid the business through his complete strategy. Rihaan wanted to carry forward the legacy of his father. His impeccable dynamic personality assisted him in making the best of opportunities and overcoming challenges. As he led the group, he understood that running these businesses requires centralization as a component of the framework.

Apart from being a businessman, he is also an active social activist who often puts his resources into helping the needy. In pursuing philanthropy, he registered the NGO along with Acid Survivor Muskan Khatun. Later, he laid the foundation of Heartial Charity Organization-a Non-Profit Charity Organization to serve humanity and bring faith in the lives of the lesser advantaged segment of Nepal. The vision of the NGO is to uplift the voices of the unheard. The Ngo actively works to provide primary resources to these underprivileged sections of people.

Rihaan has faith in keeping a fine harmony between the development of individuals and the group’s growth. He distinctly takes a keen interest in creating opportunities for the individual growth of his employees. Indeed, the visionary is showing others how it’s done by setting principles to set Nepal on the track of inclusive growth and open entryways for the talented youth of Nepal so that all can foster together as one country.

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