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When you rescue a snake, you risk.... : Shahjahanpur man's bravery goes waste

Despite former village head Devendra Mishra's expertise in catching snakes, he was bitten by the snake when he loosen the grip.
01:34 PM Aug 22, 2022 IST | apn news
when you rescue a snake  you risk       shahjahanpur man s bravery goes waste

Playing with a snake and shooting a video with it proved to be fatal for a 55-year-old man from Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur district as he was bitten up by a venomous snake, leading to his death on Saturday.


Somebody had shot the video of an old man while he was catching a snake, which is now going viral on social media.

In a video, the man is seen catching the snake with the help of a stick while another video shows him putting the snake around the neck of a girl child.


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The man has been identified as Devendra Mishra, who was also a former village head of Maruajhala village of Shahajahanpur. The victim is a resident of Jaitipur area in Shahjahanpur


Despite Mishra’s expertise in catching snakes, he was bitten by the snake when he loosen the grip. He was bitten by the snake nearly two hours after he caught it.

He then tried to treat the snake bite with various herbs instead of going to the hospital, some villagers said. Meanwhile, the snake, which was kept under utensil by Mishra, was also found dead a few hours later.

Mishra was popular in the area for rescuing snakes and had caught more than 200 snakes in the past. He had caught a snake from his neighbour Ravindra Kumar’s house on Friday, the villager said.

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