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Uttar Pradesh: Two Muslim children tied to tree, beaten up over allegations of molestation | Watch

The man can also be heard using Islamophobic slurs as he continuously beat up the children with kicks and punches.
04:53 PM Feb 02, 2023 IST | APN Live
uttar pradesh  two muslim children tied to tree  beaten up over allegations of molestation   watch

A harrowing story has come to light from Uttar Pradesh’s Barabanki district where two Muslim children were tied to a tree and mercilessly beaten up by locals over allegations of molesting. According to reports, the man who accused the two children and assaulted them has been identified as Triloki.


It was reported that the two children had come to the area to pluck leaves from the trees to feed their goat, however, the local man after noticing the 2 children plucking trees suspecting them of molesting her daughter after which he accused them of molestation.

Tiloki tied the two minors to a tree and viciously assaulted the two children, as the video of the spine-chilling incident went viral.


In the video, two children can be seen getting tied to a tree as the two children can be seen brutally assaulted by a man. The man can be seen repeatedly beating up the two children while other locals continue to tie the children.

The man can also be heard using Islamophobic slurs as he continuously beat up the children with kicks and punches.


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Watch video here:

According to reports, after the father of the two children got to know what was happening to his children, he rushed to the place and rescued his children. The father rushed to the Barabanki police station and filed a complaint against Triloki and others who were assaulting his children.

Police action

After learning about the incident, the police registered an FIR and arrested Triloki in the matter whereas 2 others are still absconding, suggest reports.The police are further investigating the case.

Twitter reactions

After the video of the incident went viral, many users came forward to add their take on the incident as one user wrote that the country is turning into a horror story and further wrote that now they don’t feel like living in this country anymore owing to the communal atmosphere.

One user also wrote and said that the actions by the man were sadistic and grievous, however, the user further added that it is not a surprise although as the news is coming from Uttar Pradesh.

One user also wrote that this incident is terrible and further wrote that such incidents in India have brought shame to the country yet again.

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