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Viral: Man credits Bengaluru traffic for kickstarting his love story, internet in awe

Despite this warm story of love escalating due to Bengaluru’s infamous traffic jams, many people from the city are still frustrated with the situation on the ground
12:39 PM Sep 21, 2022 IST | APN Live
viral  man credits bengaluru traffic for kickstarting his love story  internet in awe

Bengaluru the hub of India’s IT sector is infamously known for its heavy traffic, pot-holed roads, and even flooded and submerged streets a carried a huge toll on the people of the city. However, there is a story going viral that comes as a respite for the image the city has been projected with.


A viral story of a man finding his partner because of Bengaluru’s traffic has been taking the internet world by storm as a Reddit user on his Reddit account shared the story of how his friendship took a turn towards romance when he faced traffic while sitting next to his friend who is now his partner.

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In the Reddit post, the user unfolded how he met his wife near the Sony World Signal in Karnataka’s Bengaluru. He further added that one day when he was driving her now wife, who was at the time his friend, home, they came across heavy traffic due to the construction of the Ejipura flyover. The user and her friend at the time, now his wife, got annoyed by the stubborn traffic.

After facing the dense traffic, the user and his friend came to the realization that they were too hungry to way out and push through the traffic. Which led to the user taking a detour to go to a local restaurant which ended up being a dinner date. The user dated for a year and eloped.

The user also added that the 2.5-kilometer overpass is still under construction even after his life changed. People on Twitter while adoring the Reddit user and his girlfriend also questioned the government for the presiding issue as one user wrote that this is a pleasant story but the government. and lawmakers should take note that flyovers are taking a lot of time to get constructed.

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The user also launched the government and remarked that added all their time is being used in getting MP’s and MLA’s to jump ships into their party and hence they can’t use their time to build the nation. The user also added that it is Shameful.

Despite this warm story of love escalating due to Bengaluru’s infamous traffic jams, many people from the city are still frustrated with the situation on the ground. In an effort to highlight and raise awareness about the pothole issue in Bengaluru, the people have started Geo tagging potholes and have added reviews that are sarcastic yet a small form of dissent.

Many users have geo-tagged some potholes in the city while other natives from the city are adding their reviews like must visit, top tier pothole, and more, treating it as if it is a destination rather than a hindrance on the road.

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