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Man uses live chicken to trap big python, scary video goes viral | WATCH

04:54 PM Nov 20, 2022 IST | APN Live
man uses live chicken to trap big python  scary video goes viral   watch

An old scary video, now viral is doing rounds on the social media platform, where a man used an innovative technique to trap a poisonous snake. However, it is not confirmed yet from where the video has been generated. But, the clip surely gives spine-chilling moments to a lot of internet users after seeing it.


An internet user shared the scary video on its Twitter handle called OddIy Terrifying. The users also captioned the post where he wrote that Python trap using live chicken.

Take a look at the visual of a python getting trapped, using live chicken


The viral clip starts with a perfect setup made by a person to trap a python. As the footage moves further, it shows a big snake approaching the planned trap in order to have its perfect meal. When the giant snake tries to enter through what seems like a cylindrical pipe, it gets badly stuck. However, it tries to escape from the trap by shaking its whole body but fails.

Ever since the clip was shared on the internet, it garnered a lot of views and likes. Many users were also bombarded in the comment section in order to share their views about the same.

One of the users wrote that people complaining about this being cruel need to realise this python could have quite easily taken out an entire farm of animals or even a person. Better to get rid of the snake. Another user wrote that imagine if you were going to eat a nice chicken dinner and then you got caught in a trap. It wouldn’t be so funny.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time such an incident has been reported. Earlier, a similar incident comes into the limelight when a man created a trap to capture a mouse by putting some of its favorite food.

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