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6 vitamin-C rich winter fruits that promote lung health

Several studies have proven that consumption of vitamin-c reduces lung fibrosis, risk of lung cancer and more diseases. Here is the list of six Vitamin-c rich winter fruits that promote lung health.
02:09 PM Nov 20, 2020 IST | APN Live
6 vitamin c rich winter fruits that promote lung health

Winter fruits rich in Vitamin C should be consumed for a healthy body. Everyone knows the significance of Vitamin C in the human body, as it’s consumption benefits are directly connected to our immune system. It stops free radical damage, manages diabetes, optimizes heart health, and improves skin health. A large number of health benefits makes it important to include Vitamin C in our daily diet, especially at the time when health experts around the world are craving for strong immunity.


Strong immunity directly benefits us helping our body fight diseases and stop respiratory problems that commonly arise after getting infected with the COVID-19 virus. 

Vitamin C also boosts lung health–Its regular consumption reduces lung fibrosis and risk of lung cancer.


Let’s have a look at the six winter season fruits to include in your daily diet in order to get much required Vitamin C.


Oranges are a storehouse of Vitamin C. Nowadays, orange juice is an integral part of a healthy breakfast, therefore it promotes a healthy start to the day. Consumption of orange gives you 116.2 per cent of the daily value of Vitamin C. Orange contain D-limonene compound that is likely to reduce the risk of lung cancer, and antioxidants present in oranges are very crucial to strengthen the immunity system of the body.



Fleshy and crunchy guava tastes appealing when accompanied by some black salt and red chilli powder. The fruit is also good for weight loss benefits, helps build immunity, manage diabetes, and maintain lung health.


Pomegranate fruit renders promising benefits when it comes to defining its potential to promote health. Various studies have already revealed that pomegranate fruit is rich in skin and prostate cancer-fighting agents. Also, drinking pomegranate extract slows down the growth of lung cancer.


Strawberries are full of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fibre, antioxidants. With zero cholesterol and fat, this awesome fruit is a good choice for a healthy snack.


Kiwi fruit has tons of nutrients, like potassium, folate, fibre, but it is an abundant source of Vitamin C. Intake of two kiwi fruits is sufficient enough to meet the daily need of Vitamin C intake in your body. Thus making it a part of your daily diet is a wise choice.

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Nutrients in Grapes offer a number of possible health benefits. Some facts reveal that nutrients in grapes may help protect against, eye problems, cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc.

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