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Which are the best numbers in Roulette to bet on?

10:00 AM Jan 07, 2023 IST | APN Live
which are the best numbers in roulette to bet on

What numbers win at roulette the most frequently is a thing that all visitors of the best online casinos in India want to know. Experienced players have deduced several working strategies that help to win more often.


Of course, roulette is a game of chance whose outcome is impossible to predict. But a little bit of math, logic, and other people’s experience helped to make certain rules. 

RajBet casino India users believe that some numbers fall out more often than others. Lightning roulette live is one of the most popular versions of this popular casino activity and here are some bets that can be profitable.


Red or black

Betting only on red or only on black is profitable and convenient because the roulette wheel is numbered with an equal number of red and black fields. So, the probability of winning here is 50/50. Betting on even or odd numbers or betting on the first 12 numbers or the second 12 numbers works according to the same principle

Hot and cold numbers

The system of betting on hot or cold numbers is as follows. The numbers drawn the most and least in the last twenty-four hours or the last five hundred spins are checked. It sounds a bit non-proven and not scientific, but based on the experience of hundreds of thousands of RajBet online casino players, such schemes have been deduced. The numbers 7, 17, 23, and 24 are the hottest numbers on most roulette spins. So, they fall out most frequently. And the numbers 3, 6, 13, and 34 are the coldest. Consequently, they fall out the least often.


Numbers 7 and 17

The numbers 7 and 17 have their special magic. It sounds a little superstitious, but after all, the experience of numerous players confirms that they fall out most often. 

The number 7 brings good luck and happiness in many religions. There are seven heavens in Hinduism. There are seven days a week. There are seven factors of enlightenment in Buddhism. And such examples are countless.

The number 17 is a special and legendary number for gamblers. In 1963, Sean Connery played roulette at the famous Casino de la Vallee in St. Vincent (Italy) and bet on 17. He won after the third spin; that chance is one in 50,000! Also, the famous roulette player Mike Ashley won more than a million euros from the first spin, betting exactly on 17!

Number 13

The number 13 is considered an unlucky number in many countries and nations. There are houses in which there is no 13th apartment. There is a professional ‘fourteenth guest’. This person comes to meetings where 13 people are supposed to gather. 

After all, there is a superstition that if there are 13 people at the table, one of them will die within a year. But, of course, some people are very lucky with this particular number. But according to roulette statistics, it is considered very, very unsuccessful.

Of course, these tips can make your game more successful, but they are not universal. To get the game with the most beneficial ending, do not forget about the following things:

  • if you are just starting to play, the first train on virtual currency and then make real deposits (for example, you want to check what kind of relationship you have with the number 13!)
  • be sure to use all the bonuses that you will find on the website
  • chat on the forums with other players, exchange life hacks and tips with them
  • play only in licensed casinos, and then there is a guarantee that you will receive your winnings

Play with pleasure. Believe in your luck, but don’t forget to use logic. And do not forget the most crucial thing: fortune loves those who love themselves!