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Winter self-care tips to get you through colder days

02:57 PM Nov 13, 2022 IST | APN Live
winter self care tips to get you through colder days

‘Snug as a bug in a rug because the winter is back.’


Winter is all about curling up in a warm blanket, sipping a hot cup of tea/coffee, and enjoying a sunny afternoon with lip-smacking peanuts. Winter often makes you feel sluggish because you feel less inclined to socialize.

It is crucial to take care of yourself to keep yourself warm because if you’re at the top of your health, nothing can stop you from surviving the colder days.


Regardless of the woes winter can bring, here is a list of self-care activities that will help you to deal with the wintertime blues and keep you at ease.

Wrap up and take a stroll

If winter makes you feel down, going out for a walk is a great way to cheer yourself up. Walking helps in blood circulation but don’t forget to don your warmest coat, scarf, gloves, and hat to prevent yourself from catching a cold.


Soak up some Vitamin D

In winter, people usually spend less time outside. The body is not able to produce enough vitamin D unless you are exposed to sunlight. Opening the blinds or windows early in the morning to let the sunlight in is one of the most crucial things you can do. If you are working, then you must take a walk during your lunch break.

Sip on healthy hot drinks

Coming home from the bitter cold outside to a cup of warm, decadent hot chocolate is the epitome of warmth and coziness. There’s nothing like cuddling up with a nice cup of tea on a chilly day.

As it can be difficult to stay hydrated in the winter, these are some excellent ways to do so. Prepare any of these warm beverages, including cinnamon-flavoured milk, coffee, black tea, cinnamon spice tea, and chamomile night cup. You can also go for nourishing soups and stews bursting with veggies.


The colder months can take a toll on your skin, so taking care of your skin is important. If you have sensitive skin, consider purchasing a soothing lavender body wash and body lotion.

Try out a sheet mask on your face, take a relaxing hot bath, soak your feet in warm water, and restore damaged hair with a hydrating mask.

Increase your self-esteem by demonstrating some self-love. Your skin can get dull and lifeless throughout the winter. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep your skin hydrated. Make sure you are exfoliating and cleaning your skin regularly to get rid of dry and dead skin. Don’t forget to moisturize.

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